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Sheep Bunting – watch video now!


Vibrant colors, beautifully designed and crafted, this sheep bunting would make a stunning wall decoration for your child’s bedroom. Not only visually appealing, but designed to encourage children’s color recognition.

Due to their durability and high quality, our buntings can be kept and re-used for years.

Detailed by hand and crafted with care.

  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Designed, resourced and handcrafted locally in Vietnam.
  • All prices quoted in $AUD.
  • Includes Postage & Handling.

Additional Information
Design Details

Loops for attachment., One pack contains two cords with 5 felt sheep of assorted colors.


Each cord approximately 90 cm in length.


Felt, Polyester filling, Soft ribbon


Green ribbon., Sheep of assorted colors.

Tips on how to use

“Sheep Bunting”

Below are a few suggestions to get you started and make the most out of our quality products:

  • Identify colors with children, recognize order, early number correspondence and matching.
  • They can be used as informal teaching tools at home or in children’s play centres and displays.
  • Match the sheep with color name flash cards.
  • Compare the sheep colors with other colored items in your child’s room or belongings.
  • Build ordinal number patterns: “Which color sheep is first, 3rd, last?”
  • Use the bunting to recognize number sequencing and patterns.
  • Extend older children’s learning through counting and grouping flowers.
  • Vocabulary enrichment: storytelling, bedtime “counting sheep” rhymes and songs.

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