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My Garden Book



Welcome to our “My Garden” book, the latest edition in our Play Book range!  Loaded with detailed handcrafted features, this book is sure to engage children of all ages across multiple levels of interaction.

Every page is full of exciting hands-on play activities, limited only by the imagination. Our Play Books are designed for children to learn and practice spatial concepts, hand-eye coordination and manipulation as well as vocabulary enrichment. A quality resource that young learners will return to time and again that will continually enrich their learning as they play!

It’s a valuable way to engage early learners in independent play; a much richer resource when shared with an older person or adult.

  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Designed, resourced and handcrafted locally in Vietnam.
  • All prices quoted in $AUD.
  • Includes Postage & Handling.

Additional Information
Design Details

Button and loop fastener., Green cover, 8 soft fabric pages. Purple features.


20 x 18 cm


Cotton blend, Felt, Polyester filling, Satin blend fabric


Cold hand wash

Tips on how to use

Bright Solutions’ products are designed as learning enrichment tools through play. Below are some suggestions to stimulate language development, storytelling, experience early literacy and numeracy concepts, to foster a love of books and reading.

 My Garden Book

  • “What is in your garden?” Enrich vocabulary by identifying objects and animals by name. Colors, size, number.
  • “Where is the … yellow snail? blue snail? small carrot? pink tree? white house?” …
  • Concepts and Movement: use language of position: up/down the path, in/out of the garden, on the flower, in the tree, under the chicken, beside the tree.
  • Count the eggs, sequence the chickens in order of eggs. Where do the trails lead?
  • Cover: match the houses with each page. Where do the animals/you go at night? Compare colors and shadows, contrast dark/light.
  • “What does a butterfly do in the garden?” “What does a rabbit do in the garden?”
  • Trace the path through the trees. Talk about seasons, changes to gardens …
  • Open/close the book, do up the button. Find the page with ….?
  • And more…! Have fun together!

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