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Counting Play Chart


A fantastic tool to practice numbers and mathematical concepts in a delightful play environment! Our Counting Play Chart is designed for wall display with detachable numbers, dolls and maths symbols.  Great for counting, creating sums, learning cardinal and ordinal number skills, symbol recognition, as well as hand-eye coordination and dexterity.  Bold and colorful, it can easily create hours of extended quiet play and learning!

Our Play Chart range is designed for children to gain familiarity with real life experiences, spatial concepts, hand-eye coordination, numeracy and literacy concepts as well as enrich vocabulary and storytelling.

A valuable way to engage early learners in independent play; a much richer resource when modelled by an older person or adult.

  • Caution: small parts
  • Not recommended for children under 3 years of age
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Additional Information
Design Details

Four bold color themes based on cord color: red, green, orange, purple. All designs with white fabric face board. Knitted doll pairs themed on cord color. Multi-colored felt detachable numbers 1 to 10


Hanging chart 50 cm length x 25 cm width.


Acrylic yarn., Cotton blend, Felt, Plastic buttons., Polyester filling, Press studs., Satin blend fabric, Stocking fabric


Cold hand wash


Choice of 4 colours: green, orange, purple, red. Please note; dolls are themed according to colour but may vary from those represented in the pictures., Green, Orange, Purple, Red

Tips on how to use

Bright Solutions’ products are designed as learning enrichment tools through play. Below are some suggestions to stimulate language development, storytelling, experience early literacy and numeracy concepts, to foster a love for learning.

  • Counting/Numbers: number recognition, sequence numbers both on and off the chart, re-order.
  • Ordinal number: place doll on/beside a number and identify position in sequence.
  • Create number sentences and equations of increasing complexity (+, -, x, ÷) using the mathematic symbols.
  • Use with other counting tools/toy animals/beads/cars etc to make and match groups.
  • Write number words and match with each number. Copy the numbers.
  • Identify each number color. Make rainbow patterns.
  • Create number stories: each number mentioned in the story is selected from the chart. Added delight: retell the story without the numbers, child needs to remember the correct number or sequence and replace it on chart.
  • Spatial Concepts: up/down, in/out, behind/in front of, over/under, on/off... The dolls and numbers (of course!) can be used as a great way to discover positional language. Attach the numbers in the correct position to increase spatial and visual pattern awareness. Practice corrections of common upside-down and number reversals.
  • Vocabulary: numbers, colors, position, mathematical terms.
  • Fine-motor coordination: Attach and detach numbers and dolls with press stud fasteners. Great for dexterity for all ages!
  • Dolls: great for storytelling imaginative minds, both with the chart and in other play contexts. Soft and expressive flexibility.

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