Challenging Poverty. Empowering Women in Vietnam.
  • detail
  • Olive green and white
    Olive green and white
  • 3 stars decoration
    3 stars decoration
  • Christmas angel decoration
  • gold angel hanging decoration
  • light blue and grey stable
    light blue and grey theme detail
  • silver angel hanging decoration
  • xmas finger puppets
    xmas finger puppets
  • display
  • Jungle Theme banner
    Jungle Theme detail
  • 6 felt puppets
    Six events of the Easter story
  • set of 6 figures
    Tomb, angel, Mary, cross detail
  • Family Finger Puppets
  • Red and yellow chickens
    Red and yellow chickens
  • GMP - life-changing partnerships

    Global Mission Partners - life changing  partnerships

    Bright Solutions is a community development initiative of Global Mission Partners.