Core Values

Core Company Principles of integrity, quality, adaptability and commitment are the basis of all business practices at

Bright Solutions.




  • Integrity is at the heart of Bright Solutions. Honesty and sincerity are fundamental to our company so that clients and customers know they can trust and rely on what we say and do.


  • Quality in relationships, service and production. We focus on high standards in whatever we do at all times. Our goal is to continually offer services of quality and excellence.
  • All clients and customers are valued and respected. Because we care about our client’s satisfaction, evaluation is integral to our services. We listen to the client’s feedback, constantly seeking ways to improve our course materials and delivery and thus remain relevant and attractive in style and approach.


    • Adaptability is a key to our programs and modules. Bright Solutions cares about matching the needs of our clients, thus module outlines are flexible. We acknowledge that every company or individual has specific areas of development needs so we will take the time to tailor a relevant, quality program.


      • Commitment: Bright Solutions is committed to quality and excellence in all we do, produce and offer. We are committed to the professional development of the people of Vietnam irrespective of the job sector; we are committed to fair and equitable opportunities for all.