Our first major product line:
Interactive cloth books are designed for young children but are just as useful for those with learning disabilities to stimulate sensory awareness, discovery learning and pre-reading enjoyment.
These bright attractive books aim to:
•    Stimulate all the senses and encourage learning through touch, movement, sight.
•    Help learn colors, shapes, objects, concepts, coordination.
•    Encourage learning through play and exploration.
•    Create enjoyable learning experiences between adult and child or independently.
•    Develop book awareness, pre reading skills and foster a love of reading.
•    Enrich vocabulary and stimulate storytelling – in a rewarding, interactive experience!
Book designs are suitable for young children. They contain:
•    Soft pages
•    No sharp or dangerous components
•    Washable materials
•    Durable attachments

Books are handcrafted products made by Vietnamese women workers at Bright Solutions Co. Ltd.

This Cloth Book project is the initial project of Bright Solutions Co. Ltd providing an opportunity for women to become part of a formal workforce. By providing employment to single mothers, widows, low skilled or unemployed women, Bright Solutions aims to increase their work skills, job prospects and self-confidence, thus empowering them and their families to move towards financial independence.

Empowering women, challenging poverty in Vietnam.


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