About us

Newly established in 2010, Bright Solutions is a small foreign-owned company supporting Professional Development of company employees and individuals. Whilst we are beginning with a small team, Bright Solutions has access to a network of internationally qualified and experienced staff to support clients’ program needs as required.

International research indicates that companies who invest in staff development increase work productivity, competency and staff stability. Bright Solutions recognizes this need in Vietnam. It has been founded out of a desire to make a positive contribution to the economic and social development of Vietnam’s rapidly developing communities.

Our focus is not only in the corporate sector but to all businesses, large or small, local or foreign, professional or vocational.
We are based in HCMC, Vietnam.

Bright Solutions is founded on a social enterprise business model and thus focuses on two areas of Human Resource Development:
•  Firstly, it offers Consultancy and Soft Skills programs to businesses recognizing the need to develop staff attitudes, skills efficiency and employee retention.
•  The second aspect of Bright Solutions focuses on social assistance. Through establishing a variety of small work projects, we offer employment and new job skills to the unemployed and impoverished. By allowing individuals to access the formal workforce, often for the first time, Bright Solutions helps workers move towards financial independence, self-confidence and dignity.

Bright Solutions is a new business initiative of Global Mission Partners Australia