At Home

You don’t need to come to Vietnam to be involved!  There are many great opportunities for people to support the vision and focus of Bright Solutions.  Below are some suggestions.



Bright Solutions needs distributors!  We would love to partner with individuals in their home location to help us share our story and products.

We’ve provided a Host Pack if you would like to consider getting involved – one time or many – endless opportunities! Heaps of ideas are listed in the pack. To view the Host Pack (Host Guide, Party Guide, Stall Guide), Host Presentation, Order Form and Vietnam Trivia Pack, click on the buttons below:

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Partnership is key to building Bright Solutions into a sustainable community.  We cannot continue our work without more people around the globe learning about what we seek to do.

If you have a heart or passion to learn more about the needs of the developing nation and people of Vietnam, this may be a way you can help.

You may have skills and gifts that you would like to contribute but don’t know how.  We have many areas of need.  If you get excited about what we’re involved in, or just want to learn more, we’d love to start talking with you!

In Vietnam



site visits

There are always opportunities to contribute to the team and work of Bright Solutions in Vietnam. We are very willing to offer internship placements for individuals seeking volunteer positions through which you can develop your specific skills. Bright Solutions continually has areas of need in IT and technical support, computer literacy training, language exchange, Soft Skills training, Life Skills sessions, design development, marketing, etc.

But we also love to support individuals seeking experience in a new culture, particularly participating with women from marginalized social groups; people willing to learn and contribute to developing communities by building relationships and discovery – a two-way learning opportunity.

If you’d like to explore one of these options, please contact us.


If you have an interest in contributing to any of these programs, for short or longer periods, you may like to offer your skills and time during a visit to Vietnam.

Please contact us to speak to someone in person.

Site Visits


Our team of women at Bright Solutions are always encouraged to meet people interested in who they are and their work.

They acknowledge that our international contacts are vital to our partnership.  They remember with fondness all who visit and share friendship, not least because they gain respect and dignity.

Individuals or groups are invited to visit Bright Solutions to see the work and women behind the scenes. Why not arrange a visit to our site as part of your tour itinerary?

Included in your visit could be

  • a short talk to introduce some of the issues surrounding poverty for local women in Vietnam
  • a chance to meet and interact with some of the team
  • opportunity to view all our quality products firsthand, including steps in the processes for our latest designs.
  • shopping from our continually expanding Bright Solutions’ collection

Please Note: Bright Solutions is a work environment. Whilst we value visitors, large groups, frequency of visits or time schedules all impact the women’s working capacity and wellbeing.

Visits therefore must be pre-arranged and are subject to approval. Please contact us for enquiries.

Community Projects

As we grow our presence in the local community, we seek to offer assistance to impoverished families in ways that encourage our women, and others, to share their skills and resources. Opportunities vary in length and commitment.